3 Paths to Innovation That Every Modern Day Leader Should Follow

Three stepping stones every leader should follow

Today’s technology increases in power and capability at an amazing rate. Leaders must constantly struggle to stay savvy and innovate in order to achieve competitive advantage.

There are three stepping stones to success in any innovation process:

  • Capturing Ideas – Leaders have a knack for noticing things that need to be improved. Such ideas often ‘just come’ when they are travelling around the office, unexpectedly observing a need for this or that. When such an idea pops into mind, a good leader acts quickly to seize the moment and retain the thought. In the long run, the idea often combines with several others to ultimately push the organization up a notch.
  • Implementing Ideas – Innovation sometimes involves taking  something that already exists and making it even better. It is not enough to simply possess an idea which a leader thinks will be the ‘next great thing’. The idea must be put it into action. Innovative leaders identify great ideas and then actually do something with them.
  • Repeat – Innovative leaders do not rest on their laurels. Once they have executed one innovative idea, they are already looking for another. By cultivating this instinct for repetition into the innovation process, critical advantage is gained over the competition.


Final Words

Leaders are tasked with great responsibility. They are required to lead organizations in a world which is growing increasingly complex and uncertain. They cannot remain stagnant, but must constantly be looking for ways to streamline operations and promote excellence.

Innovation is the mark of all excellence in business. It can occur any time, anywhere — so be on the lookout for the next great idea.