Ideation stage where you can attract and captures ideas

Attract and Capture

Challenges and ideas are the essence of innovation. This is where your users are encouraged to

  • Raise challenges and propose suggestions
  • Respond to previously raised issues
  • Comment and vote on challenges and suggestions

Assess the Potential

Users promote ideas by liking, voting and commenting. Ideas with promise are selected for evaluation.
Designated “evaluators” score and assess suggestions based on customized evaluation models.

Discussion stage where ideas are discussed among users then evaluated by subject matter experts

Recognition stage where top innovators are rewarded for their ideas


Rewards are optional, but recognition is essential.
From high fives and gift vouchers to cash and days off, Glint accommodates a range of monetary and non-monetary rewards. It’s guaranteed to satisfy your users and generate positive impact your business needs.

Analyze and Grow

Glint analytics module makes a wealth of information available at your fingertips. It eases your decision making process and broadens your knowledge about your innovative communities and growth opportunities.

Analysis stage where innovation managers review innovation reports and decide future strategies to increase innovation

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